Dr. Shajulin Benedict M.E., Ph.D., PostDoc (Germany)

IEEE Senior Member || DAAD Research Ambassador
Faculty-In-Charge-R&D and International Affairs,
Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Information Technology Kottayam
Valavoor P.O. Kottayam District, Kerala, India - 686635.
Guest Professor (Associate Professor), TUM, Germany,
email: shajulin at iiitkottayam dot
Hello at: 00 91 482 2202155 OR 00 91 9443543746 (Preferred Whatsapp Calls)
Linkedin: shajulin-benedict-51415924
Twitter: @shajulinb , Facebook: shajulin.benedict
ORCID ID: 0000-0002-2543-2710
WebofScience ResearcherID: X-9875-2019
Publons :
Youtube Channel:
Website: and iiitkottayam site

Contacting Time (except Sundays):
i) Student Queries: 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM (Whatsapp or Email)
ii) Entrepreneurs/Innovators (Outside Campus): 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM (Whatsapp)
iii) International Students/Members: 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM (via. appointment - whatsapp, zoom, gmeet)
iv) Interns/Project/Ph.D students: As committed (regular meetings)

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity - Albert Einstein
Dream, Dream, Dream. Dream transforms into thoughts, and thoughts result in action".
"We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us.
- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Teachers blessings to understand the concepts; Parents blessings to mould you up-to-date; God's blessings to provide enough luck - ???



    SHAJULIN BENEDICT graduated in 2001 from Manonmaniam Sunderanar University, India, with Distinction. In 2004, he received M.E Degree in Digital Communication and Computer Networking from A.K.C.E, Anna University, Chennai. He is the University second rank holder for his masters. He did his Ph.D degree in the area of Grid scheduling under Anna University, Chennai (Supervisor - Dr. V. Vasudevan, Director, Software Technologies Group of TIFAC Core in Network Engineering). After his Ph.D award, he joined a research team in Germany to pursue PostDoctorate under the guidance of Prof. Gerndt. He served as Professor at SXCCE Research Centre of Anna University-Chennai. Later, he visited TUM Germany for teaching Cloud Computing and Internet of Things as Guest Professor of TUM-Germany. Currently, he is affiliated to the Indian Institute of Information Technology Kottayam, Kerala, India, an institute of national importance of India. He serves as Director/PI/Representative Officer of AIC-IIITKottayam (Sec.8 Company) for nourishing young entrepreneurs of India. His research interests include IoT Cloud, Performance Analysis of IoT Applications, Cloud Scheduling, Edge Analytics, and so forth.



Ongoing Funded projects / grants

i) AIC-IIITKottayam (5 years - SANCTIONED)
Name of the Project: IoT Cloud Societal @Rs.3.56 crores.
Project Tenure: Five Years (Starting from 30 April 2019)

Ongoing Funded Projects/Beneficiaries -- Attracted for IIIT/AIC-IIIT/MSME-BI

    (Scheme - 10 ideas at 15 lakhs per year + Rs. 1 crore for fablab establishment)
    Currently approved ideas under this project:
    i) "Choose Better Customers with Relevance" -- Rs. 15 lakhs
    (Founder: Mr. Kenny Thomas)
    Project Tenure: 1.5 years (Starting from 1.4.2021)
    ii) "Integrated Medical Alert Communication System" -- Rs. 15 lakhs
    (Founder: Mr. P.D. Varghese)
    Project Tenure: 1.5 years (Starting from Aug. 2022)
    iii) "AutoHire -- An AI-based Automated Technical Interview Solution " -- Rs. 15 lakhs
    (Founder: Dr. Victer Paul)
    Project Tenure: 1.5 years (Starting from Aug. 2022)
    iv) "LifeBed - Cost Effective Replacement for Medical Beds with Added Bedstore Prevention and Patient Tilting Feature" -- Rs. 15 lakhs
    (Founder: Mr. Don Paul)
    Project Tenure: 1.5 years (Starting from Oct. 2023)

  2. Seed Fund from StartupIndia to AIC (as PI)
    Name of the project: Seed fund scheme for AIC IIITKOTTAYAM -- Rs. 2 crores
    Tenure of the project: 3 years (Status: Sanctioned)

Completed Funded projects/grants

  1. Indo-UK Going Global Partnerships, Exploratory Grants,
    Name of the Project: Edge Computing and Analytics, @20000 Pounds
    Partners: Prof. Omer Rana (Cardiff University, UK); Dr. Nitin Auluck (IIT-Ropar), Dr. Sujatha (IIT-Ropar)
    Project Tenure: Dec. 2021 to June 2022.
  2. BEL-Project, Consultancy work
    Name of the project: Design and Development of Blockchain-based Inter organization Identity Management System
    Tenure of the project: 15 months (Sep.2020 to Feb. 2021)
  3. OEAD-DST, Indo-Austrian project
    Name of the project: Energy Aware Scientific Workflow Compiler
    Tenure of the project: Jan 2019 to Jun 2021.
  4. BEL Consultancy project
    Name of the project: Exploration of blockchain technology for communications
    Tenure of the project: One year (Dec.2019 to Feb. 2020)
  5. DST-NIMAT Entrepreneurship - Product Development
    Name of the project: IoT Cloud Product Development (A Pre-Incubation Model)
    Tenure of the project: Starting from August 2019 to January 2020
  6. NIMAT-DST, NSTEDB, An Entrepreneurship Program
    Name of the project: Cloud Solutions for Emerging IoT Applications
    Tenure of the project: 6 weeks in Dec. 2018 to Jan. 2019
  7. DSIR-SIRO status for IIIT-Kottayam -- 2018 (Three years)
  8. DST-FWF Collaborative Project Grant (3 years)
    Name of the Project : EASE project - Energy Autotuning of HPC Applications
    Project Tenure : May 2014 to April 2017
  9. DST Project Grant (3 years)
    Name of the Project : EnergyAnalyzer Tool: Energy Consumption Analysis for Scientific Applications
    Project Tenure : March 2012 to February 2015
  10. Returning Experts Grant (1 year - Extension)
    Name of the Project : HPCCLoud
    Project Tenure : April 2013 to March 2014
  11. Returning Experts Grant (2 years)
    Name of the Project : HPCCLoud
    Project Tenure : April 2011 to March 2013

Participated Funded projects

i) Performance Analysis of large scale scientific applications using Periscope under ISAR project (German Funded Project - 2 years)

ii) Hot Standby Routing Protocol for Gigabit Switches (TIFAC Core in Network Engineering, DST Funded)
iii) Grid Scheduling Algorithms (TIFAC Core in Network Engineering)

Recognized/Registered Consultant

  • Recognized consultant of BEL, India (Topics: Blockchain, Cloud Computing, and Virtualization)

  • Awards and Achievements:

    1. DAAD Research Ambassador, 2022 to 2025, New Delhi, India.
    2. MeluXina Early Access Award for title "Deep Learning-Assisted Predictions for Energy Tuning of HPC Applications" from Luxembourg, Europe, 4.5.2021.
    3. ACM complimentary membership - 2022.
    4. Best Paper Award at 5th SIRS2019 (Springer ACN Conference, 2019) and ISIC 2021 (Indo-German Conference).
    5. Mentor of Change - AIM (NITI Aayog - MentorIndia Program), India
    6. IEEE - Brand Ambassador
    7. Jury-Judge Global (Entrepreneurial) - Platinum Awardee (June 2021); Silver Awardee (June 2022) - Wadhwani Foundation-USA.
    8. Visiting Professor at TUM-Germany (Since 2016 - Sponsored by TUM-Germany).
    9. M.E. Anna University Rank Holder 2002-2004 Batch.
    10. Rank Holder (Academic Excellence) in A.K.College of Engineering 2003-2004 Batch - Prof. Dr. C. Thankaraj as Principal (Currently, Director of NITTTR, Bhopal).
    11. Training Scholarship Awardee - Oct 2012 - Sponsored by CIM-GIZ and TUM, Germany
    12. Dagstuhl Seminar Participant - Sep-Oct 2013 - Sponsored by the Dagstuhl, Germany
    13. International Travel Grant Awardee (2014) for presenting a paper in ICC2014 - Sponsored by DST, India
    14. DWIH Event - Science Slam Kolkatta - Second Price Winner at CNN News
    15. IEEE IPDPS, IEEE HiPC 2015 - Travel Grant Award Recipient (Faculty Section) - 2015


    Post Doc, Institut fur Informatik, Techniche Universitat Muenchen, Germany, April 2009 to March 2011.
    Ph.D, Computer Engineering, "ON SCHEDULING IN GRID COMPUTING", Anna University, Chennai, 2004 to 2008.
    M.E., Digital Communication and Computer Network Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, 2002 to 2004.
    B.E., Electronics and Communication Engineering, M.S. University, Tirunelveli, 1997 to 2001.

    Experience : 20 Years 1 month (as on 1.11.2023)

    University/Industry Designation Joining Ending Experience (in years) Experience (in months)
    Power Electronic Industries Research and Development Engineer 3.9.2001 30.5.2002 0 9
    Kalasalingam University Asst.Professor 11.5.2004 30.11.2008 4 6
    St.Xaviers Catholic College of Engineering Asst.Professor 1.12.2008 30.3.2009 0 4
    Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany PostDoctoralScientist 1.4.2009 31.3.2011 2 0
    St.Xaviers Catholic College of Engineering Professor 1.4.2011 14.10.2016 5 6
    St.Xaviers Catholic College of Engineering Professor 10.4.2017 6.8.2017 0 4
    Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany Visiting Professor 15.10.2016 15.4.2017 0 6
    Indian Institute of Information Technology Kottayam Asst.Professor (Adhoc) 7.8.2017 24.6.2019 1 10
    Technische Universitaet Muenchen, Germany Associate Professor 12.4.2022 31.8.2022 0 4.5
    Indian Institute of Information Technology Kottayam Asst.Professor (Grade-I) 25.6.2019 14.11.2023 4 0
    Indian Institute of Information Technology Kottayam Associate Professor (CSE) 15.11.2023 Till Date

    Talks in Germany and Austria

    1. Teaching Internet of Things (at TUM-Germany) - Summer 2022 .
    2. Guest Lecture on Topic "Edge Intelligence and Protocols for IoT Applications" on 15.7.2022, Univ. of Klagenfurt, Austria
    3. Teaching Cloud Computing (at TUM-Germany) -2016-2017-2018-2019-2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016-2017-2018-2019-2020-2022-2023.
    4. Guest Lecture on IoT Cloud for Societal Applications (at Univ.of Klagenfurt, Austria) - 2019
    5. Machine Learning and Cloud Solutions for Tools, TUM-Germany, May 2016
    6. Energy Aware Autotuning for Scientific Applications (ActionPlan) 2014
    7. HPC Cloud Applications and Performance Issues 2012
    8. Instrumenting C based HPC applications 2009

    Talks in India (Ongoing/Completed)

    1. Keynote Speaker and Chief Guest on ATAL-FDP on AI-Based Edge and Fog Computing, Topic: Serverless IoT for Edge-Enabled Social Good Applications, at SriKrishna College of Engineering, Coimbatore, 30.1.2023.
    2. Keynote Speaker and Chief Guest on 5th International Conference on Intelligent Communication Technologies and Virtual Mobile Networks (ICICV 2023), Topic: Remote Healthcare Monitoring using Serverless IoT, 16.2.2023.
    3. Keynote Speaker and Chief Guest on 3rd International Conference on Smart Data Intelligence (ICSMDI-2023), Topic: IoT Communication Protocols and Social Good Applications, on 30.3.2023.
    1. Keynote Speaker on AICTE-FDP on "5G/6G -- A Next Generation IoT Perspective" at VelTech Institute of Technology, Online, 22.11.2022 (7 PM to 9:30 PM).
    2. Keynote Speaker on 3rd International Conference on Data Intelligence and Cognitive Informatics on the topic "Federated Learning using Edge Nodes" on 6.7.2022.
    3. Keynote Speaker on International Conference on IoT Based Control Networks and Intelligent Systems ICICNIS 2022 , Reva University, India, on the topic "Edge Intelligence" on 1.7.2022.
    4. Webinar Speaker on "Edge Intelligence for IoT Applications", invited by IEEE/ACM India Council , on 11.6.2022. Watch here!
    5. Keynote Speaker on 2nd Int. Conf. on Soft Computing for Security Applications, ICSCS 2022, Date: 21.4.2022. Watch here!
    6. Keynote Speaker on 2nd Int. Conf. on Smart Data Intelligence, ICSMDI2022., Topic: IoT Edge/Cloud for Smart Cities -- A Manhole Depth Analysis Perspective 11.4.2022.
    7. Keynote Talk on Springer ICMCSI 2022: 3rd International Conference on Mobile Computing and Sustainable Informatics (ICMCSI 2022), Title: IoT and Edge Intelligence, 27.01.2022. Watch here!
    8. Keynote Talk on ICSCDS 2022: International Conference on Sustainable Computing and Data Communication Systems, 7.4.2022
    9. Keynote Talk on 2nd International Conference on Smart Data Intelligence (ICSMDI 2022), 11.4.2022
    10. Keynote Talk on IEEE ICICV 2022, 4th International Conference on Intelligent Communication Technologies and Virtual Mobile Networks, 10-11, February 2022.
    11. Keynote Talk on (ICISC-2022), 6th Int. Conf. on Inventive Systems and Control, Title: "IoT for Air Quality Monitoring -- Edge, Cloud, Serverless, and Quantum Computing", 6th Jan. 2022.
    1. Keynote Talk on AICTE-FDP organized by University College of Engineering, Kancheepurun, Anna University, Title: "IoT - Can it benefit from Quantum Computing?" 30.12.2021, India.
    2. Cheif Guest, 4th International Conference (ICCBI-2021), Springer, CARE Technology Institute, Trichy, 9.12.2021, India.
    3. Keynote Talk on National Webinar organized by the University of Madras, Chennai, in Oct. 2021, Topic: "IoT for Healthcare Applications".
    4. Keynote Talk on AICTE FDP organized by J.C. Bose University, Haryana, on 16.9.2021 at 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM
    5. Keynote Talk on IEEE-Madras section sponsored FDP by National Engg. College, Kovilpatti (Autonomous Institution), Topic: “Remote Medical assistance through IoT” on 06/08/2021, at 3.15pm to 4.15pm.
    6. Resource Person: AIC-IIITKottayam organized workshop on topic "IoT Research and Effective Article Writing on 28.7.2021 from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM
    7. Keynote Talk on AICTE FDP organized by Charusat University, Gujarat, India on "IoT for Air Quality Monitoring in Smart Cities" on 16.6.2021 FN
    8. Keynote Talk on STTP organized by PSNA College of Engineering, sponsored by Centre For Faculty Development, Anna University, Chennai - 25, on 31.5.2021, Topic: Serverless IoT For Sensor Applications
    9. Keynote Talk on International Conference on Smart Data Intelligence (ICSMDI 2021); Topic: "Serverless Cloud Architecture for DeepIoT Analytics", 29.4.2021
    10. Keynote Talk on STTP organized by GEC Barton Hill -- Topic: "Serverless Cloud Deployment for IoT Applications", sponsored event by DTE, Govt.of Kerala, 23.2.2021
    11. Keynote Talk -- Topic: "Recent Trends in IoT and Funding Options", Workshop by State Project Felicitation Unit, Kerala; Dr. Usha Titus, I A S, Principal Secretary, Higher Education Department, Government of Kerala, will inaugurate the session, 28.1.2021 (AN).
    12. Keynote Talk -- Topic: "IoT-Cloud related Funding Schemes for Entrepreneurs", at COHORT-Impulse 2021, 20.1.2021.
    13. AICTE-FDP -- Keynote Talk on Topic: "IoT for Wearable Applications", at SaintGits Engg. College, Kottayam, 13. Jan. 2021.
    14. AICTE-FDP -- Keynote Talk on Topic: "IoT - Performance and Monitoring Aspects", Knowledge Institute of Technology, Salem, Tamilnadu, 4.Feb. 2021.
    1. IEEE ICOSEC2020 -- Keynote Talk on "Serverless Blockchain - Pros and Cons" -- Sep 2020.
    2. AICTE-FDP -- Keynote Talk on "Monitoring of Machine using IoT" at Amity University -- Oct 2020.
    3. IoT Cloud for Trainers of School Students, Webinar Series at Labor India Teachers College of Mahatma Gandhi College, Kottayam, Kerala, India -- Aug 2020.
    1. Machine Learning and HPCCloud solutions, FDP program, College of Engineering, Kidangoor, CAPE, Kerala, April 2016
    2. Green HPC Cloud Solutions using EnergyAnalyzer, at Kalasalingam University, NAAC Sponsored event, India, 2014
    3. Energy Modeling and Analysis of HPC Applications, Madurai 2014
    4. Energy Modeling Solutions for HPC Clouds, Madurai 2013
    5. Energy Efficient Clouds at Anna University, Chennai 2013
    6. Energy Efficient Sensor Clouds at Kalasalingam University, Sirivilliputhur, India, 2013
    7. OpenMP presentation at SUN Engineering College, Networks Seminar
    8. HPC, Grid, Cloud Presentation at Ponjesly College of Engineering
    9. Grid, Cloud presentation at St.Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering

    Entrepreneurial / Outreach Activities

    1. Distinguished Global Speaker: 2nd Global Entrepreneurship Catalyst Symposium 2023, Cape Town, South Africa, Title: Mentoring Tech-Startups , Date: 28.10.2023.
    2. Organizer: Startnow - Entrepreneurship Awareness Program, Date: 19.10.2023.
    3. Organizer: Management Development Program on Scaling up of MSMEs through Information and Communication Technology, Date: 6.3.2023 to 10.3.2023.
    4. Organizer: Co-Innovation Strategies on National Startup Day, Date: 16.1.2023, Chief Guest: Mr. Surya Bose (Niece of our leader Shri. Subash Chandra Bose)

    5. 2022:
    6. Organizer: Indo-European Entrepreneurial Hackathon (IEE-Hacks-2022) on 23.8.2022.
    7. Organizer: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) awareness program of National IP Awareness Mission, Govt. of India, on 14.6.2022.
    8. Speaker at National Education Policy on topic "Importance of Incubation Centres for HEIs" at Indian Institute of Information Technology Kottayam, Nagpur on 28.3.2022.
    9. Speaker at Nexpression Pvt. Ltd 100 Day Learning Series, 15.3.2022, Topic: AIC-IIITKottayam for HEIs.
    10. Organizer along with AIC team: "Need for Women Entrepreneurs in India", 8.3.2022 - Speakers: Mr. T. Prassanna, CTS Senior Manager, Ms. Charmine, South Africa, Ms. Amritha, Litmus7.
    11. Logo Launch: Nelicca of Nexpression Pvt. Ltd, on 10.1.2022
    1. Speaker and Member: Institute Innovation Council, on 9.10.2021.
    2. Organizer -- Serve Nation as an Entrepreneur -- iDEX Outreach program of the Ministry of Defense (23.9.2022), , Chief Guest: i) Gp. Cap. Shri. Pallav Haldekar (IAF), ii) Shri. Dayanand DIO, iii) Shri. Ganesh Kumar (Director-Sales, Tata Elxi), iv) Shri. Kewyn Walter (Author of Digital First), v) Shri. Manoj Nimbalkar (Founder of DareToStart, Germany.
    3. Speaker and Member: Strategies for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam, Institute Innovation Council, on 31.7.2021.
    4. Organizer -- 3D Printing -- Redefining Innovation on 18.2.2021
    5. Organizer -- ACM/CSI/IEEECS sponsored Symposium on "IoT Cloud for Societal Applications (IoTCloud'21)" on 3 May 2021.
      2020 & Others:
    1. Organizer Indo-European Entrepreneurial Hacks2020 , Nov2020
    2. Serving as Director/PI/Representative Officer of AIC-IIITKottayam Foundation
    3. Serving as MSME-Business Incubation Incharge of IIIT-Kottayam
    4. Policy Ambassador/ NISP Coordinator (IIIT-Kottayam) of AICTE Startup Policy
    5. Organizer Technological Entrepreneurial Development Program (DST-EDII) - 2019, 2020
    6. Jury-Judge of Wadhwani Foundation
    7. Mentor of several startup companies
    8. Training Organizer : IT technologies for business Training program, Total Attendees: 19; 1.10.2019
    9. Training Organizer : IoT Training Program for Entrepreneurs, Total Attendees: 16 | 5.2.2020
    10. Training Organizer : Proposal Writing; Total Attendees: 40 | 5.12.2019
    11. Organizer : Outreach activity -- Kiddovate Event; Total School Students: 33 | 15.8.2019
    12. Organizer : Outreach activity -- Kiddovate Event; Total School Students: 85 | 3.3.2020

    Ongoing Academic Activities -- FDP / Technical Program Committee

    1. Established IoT Cloud Research Laboratory (Group) at IIIT-Kottayam (at 2017 and extended it on 2022).
    2. Shajulin Benedict, Edge Intelligence: Deep learning-enabled edge computing, authoring a book with UK Publishers.
    3. Reviewer – IEEE Access, IEEE-IoT, IEEE Trans.Parallel and Distributed Computing, IEEE Trans. on Industrial Informatics.

    Editor -- Books/Journals

    1. Associate Editor - IEEE Access (Imp.Factor - 4.098)
    2. Special Issue Editor - Internet of Things Journal (Elseiver) in Aug. 2022, Editors: Shajulin Benedict, Michael Gerndt, and Radu Prodan, Title: Scalable and Secure IoT using Cloud/Fog/Edge Computing , Journal Name: Internet of Things ISSN: 2542-6605, Elsevier, Aug. 2022.
    3. Editorial Board of Journal: Journal of IoT in Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (No Publication Fee)
    4. Special Issue Editor - Title: IoT Cloud Solutions for Societal Applications Editors: Shajulin Benedict and Michael Gerndt, Journal: SCPE Journal (Scalable Computing Practice and Experience); ISSN: 1895-1767, SCI Journal, Sep. 2019.
    5. Special Issue Editor - Title: energy reduction techniques for exa-scale computing: theory and practice ; Editors: Shajulin Benedict, Michael Gerndt, Siegfried Benkner, Journal: Computing Journal - Springer, ISSN-0010-485X, SCI Journal, 2017.

    Completed Academic Activities -- Board of Studies / FDP / TPC / Ph.D Thesis Examinar

    1. Organizer :, 25th ACM Intl. Conf. on Distributed Computing and Networking, ICDCN 2024 Workshop on Ideas, Algorithms, Models, Libraries and Tools for Leveraging Heterogeneity in Computing Paradigms, at IIT-Madras, Date: 4.1.2024.
    2. Organizer :, Talk on Career/Research Improvement Techniques by Mr. Nandalal-EBSCO-IEEE, Date: 3.10.2023.
    3. Organizer :, Workshop on IoT Platforms and Programming Essentials, jointly with TUM-Germany, and AIC-IIITKottayam, Date: 7-12 Aug. 2023.
    4. Organizer :, Research Techniques and Career Development using IEEEXplore , Date: 24.11.2022.
    5. Organizer :, In-plant Training on IoT, 23 participants, Rs. 1000 per candidate, Date: 19,20-12.2022.
    6. Organizer :, EBSCO-IEEE (Industry-Specific) webinar on "Value of IEEE Xplore in Research & Career Development" by Mr. Nandalal M. on 24.11.2022, 5 PM.
    7. Organizer :, 3 Day Workshop on IoT Analytics by Mr. Behera, TCS-Hyderabad, on 8,10,12 Nov. 2022, 8:30 PM to 9:40 PM.
    8. Organizer :, EBSCO-IEEE (Industry-specific) webinar on "IEEE Article Writing and Digital Library Features" by Mr. Nandalal M. -- 2.3.2022.
    9. Organizer :, AICTE-Sponsored FDP program on "Serverless IoT for Societal Products" - 24.5.2021 to 28.5.2021
    10. Keynote Speaker - IEEE/ACM/Springer Conferences.
    11. Board Of Studies Member - Dept. of CSE, National Engg. College (autonomous Institute of Anna Univeristy - Chennai) - 7.12.2020, 23.6.2021, 25.11.2021.
    12. Organizer :, AICTE-Sponsored FDP program on Internet of Things on 14.9.2020 to 18.9.2020
    13. Organizer : IEEE-based ICITIIT-20 at IIIT-Kottayam and published in IEEE Digital Library
    14. Organizer : IEEE-based ICGHPC13, ICGHPC16
    15. mTaaS, CCGrid2017, cloudCom2015, cloudCom2016, ACM-SIGARCH ICS2014, Europar2013, PARCO2011, IC32015, IC32016, IC32017
    16. Reviewer - Elsevier - Computers and Industrial Engineering, since 2020
    17. Reviewer - Elsevier - Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, since 2017
    18. Reviewer - Elsevier - Alexandria Engineering Journal, since 2016
    19. Reviewer - Elsevier - Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems, since 2017
    20. Reviewer - IEEE Trans.on Parallel and Distributed Systems (2010, 2011)
    21. Reviewer - IEEE Trans.on Systems, Man, Cybernatics, Part-II (2009)
    22. Reviewer - Springer - Computing Journal - 2016, 2020
    23. Technical Program Committee of
        Springer ISIC 2022, 2021
        4th CoCoNet Conference, India. ,
        12th IEEE-CloudCom2020,
        IEEE ICC'20 CFCNS Track,
        IEEE ICC'20 CFCNS Track,
    24. Ph.D Thesis -- Indian Examinar (and, Viva-Voce Board):
        Kalasalingam University, Srivilliputhur, India, 2020. ,
        Sathyabama University, Chennai, India, 2019, 2022 (2).
        Visvesvaraya Technological University, India, 2021, 2022.
        Anna University-Chennai, India, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.
        National Engineering College, Anna University, 2022, 2023.
        Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Govt. Engg. College, Kerala, 2020.

    Publications / Patents

    Please visit, googleScholar or Scopus Author or DBLP or github products

    Granted Patents:

    1. Indian Patent (Design) - Title: Smart Height Adjustable Table, No:348573-001, Journal No:51/2022, date: 23.12.2022.
    2. Indian Patent - Title: Digital Cost Meter for Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D Printers, No: 202041055550, Journal No: 52/2020 dated 25.12.2020.
    3. Australian Patent - Title: Scalable space structured ledger framework for Industrial Internet of Things using Blockchain technique, Patent No: 2021106931, dated 17.11.2021.
    4. Indian Patent (Design) - Title: Automatic Fish Feeder, No: 334476-001 - Journal No: 52/2020 dated 25.12.2020.
    5. Indian Patent (Design) - Title: Smart Bin with Rewarding Tracker, No: 333752-001 - Journal No: 46/2020 dated 13.11.2020.


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    2. Shajulin Benedict, Deep Learning Techniques for Social Impact, in IOPPublishers, UK (London) , pp. 1 - 264, October 2022.

    SCI Journals:

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    Research Interests:

    Energy Consumption Analysis/Reduction Techniques
    Scalability solutions for exa-scale/Cloud applications
    IoT Cloud for Social Good Applications
    IoT Cloud solutions - blockchain and contracts
    Performance Analysis of massive parallel Applications (HPC/Grid/Cloud)
    Distributed Water Quality Analysis
    Scheduling algorithms